Residential Deliveries

Available Residential Hand Delivery Zip Codes
89074 - 89052 - 89120 - 89123

Gifts going to other zip codes will be shipped by UPS

All Residential Zip Codes will resume in November


  • Gifts with fresh fruit and/or chocolates cannot ship during the months of April thru October 31st.

  • If you place an order for a gift that includes chocolates we will substitute those items with a product that is not heat sensitive.

  • Absolutely NO gifts with Fruit can be shipped via UPS during the summer months.

Delivery Information

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your gift to be created and shipped.  Your gift will be delivered the next business day when shipping within the Las Vegas area.


  • Gifts going to a hotel or business location can be hand-delivered.

  • Gifts going to a residence, including Condos and Town Homes will be shipped by UPS.

Thank you for your understanding!