Virtual Meetings and Events
Gift Baskets and Boxes

A collection of fine gift baskets that can be shipped nationwide via UPS or FedEx.

We've all become accustomed to gathering virtually these days.  In response, we offer a collection of gifts we can ship prior to your event to enhance and better engage with your guests and attendees. 
Our Virtual Event Gift Baskets are one of a kind gifts that anyone can enjoy while working from home.
We offer gourmet fruit and cheese gift baskets, gourmet chocolate gift baskets, gourmet diet & healthy gift baskets, gourmet wine gift boxes, gourmet snack gift baskets, Each is hand made and wrapped with ribbon to match any occasion
Make your virtual event come to life with a special gift this holiday season.

The Gift Baskets on this page can only be shipped via UPS  or FedEx to any Home or Business.
We CANNOT Hand Deliver the gifts and they cannot be shipped to a Las Vegas Hotel.