Hits Outta This World! - Spaced Out Munchie Kit


Whatever you like to call it....Pot, Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, Ganja, Smoke...This gift pulls the theme together perfectly with an equal balance of snacks and weed related Vegas Souvenirs along with a disposable Bong and a current issue of Elevate Magazine. It would be hard to say that this gift isn't the perfect gift for someone who loves to puff a little now and then. And the good news is.....as long  as you are over 21 years of age its legal here in Las Vegas to do so. Of course we cannot add any actual cannabis or edibles to our gifts but we do include a handy card with locations to 9 dispensaries close to the Las Vegas Strip.  I did say this was the perfect gift, didn't I?


Items Include:

Disposable Bong and Screens
Weed Themed Ashtray/Rolling Dish
Weed Themed Lighter

Weed Themed Deck of Playing Cards

And other "Munchie" Type Snacks


Hits Outta This World! - Spaced Out Weed Munchie Kit

  • Due to the popularity of our gift baskets, container and gourmet specialties sometimes sell out. 
    Should this happen, we will always substitute with the current vintages, wines, and gourmet with equal or greater value.

  • This gift does not contain actual marijuana or any type of edibles. This is simply a fun gift that a cannabis lover will enjoy.

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