1.5 Liter Magnum Champagne Bottles


“Magnums of Champagne are 1.5 Litre of Champagne and are Equal to 2 Standard Champagne Bottles. The Magnum format is often said by wine experts to be superior to a regular-sized bottle for maturing wine, because the ratio of air to liquid is lower in larger formats, allowing the wine to age more slowly. Magnums are often available in both Brut & Rosé Champagne.”

A 1.5L bottle of Champagne is called a Magnum. And is equal to two standard Champagne bottles. ... Jéroboam = 3 litres or 4 standard bottles. Methuselah = 6 litres or 8 standard bottles.

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1.5 Liter Magnum Bottles of Champagne | Las Vegas Hotel Hand Delivery

Double the Champagne with more age and complexity? What’s not to love about magnums? Unfortunately, there is one caveat. Champagne magnums typically cost more than double the price of standard-sized bottles. While some wine drinkers might question the rationale of ponying up for a magnum rather than simply buying two 750s of the same Champagne, there’s a good reason for the increased price: the bottle itself.

“The bottle is bigger, so the cost of the final product is more important,” Because the bottles contain double the amount of Champagne, the bottles themselves require thicker glass to withstand more pressure. They also necessitate more time, labor, storage space, and shipping costs.

What’s inside the bottle makes a difference in cost, as well. For many, this makes the price entirely worthwhile. “Magnums are often aged longer or filled with a higher quality barrel selection at bottling, and thus can often contain better juice from the get-go,”