Residential Deliveries

We are located in Henderson


Residential Deliveries


We only make residential (NO Apartment Buildings or Condos) deliveries to a few select zip codes. 

Gifts going to a residence in the zip codes listed below will be shipped via UPS. (see our shipping page here)

89030   89031   89032   89081   89084   89085   89086   89087   89106   89108

89115   89128   89129   89130   89131   89134   89143   89149   89156   89166

If you placed your gift order before reading here, we will contact you to let you know that your delivery zip code is not one we serve.  Your gift we ship at the cost of the hand delivery fee we collected on your order.  Once a gift has shipped we cannot cancel or change your order.


  • Gifts with fresh fruit and/or chocolate cannot ship during the months of April thru October.

  • Residential deliveries made during the Christmas holidays are made on Monday and Tuesdays ONLY.

Delivery Information

We understand that when sending a gift, you want the person to receive it on a specific day, i.e., birthday, anniversary, etc...
If we cannot get in touch with the gift recipient and our phone messages are not returned to make arrangements for delivery that day before 5 pm we will have to make the delivery when the recipient tells us the best time to do so.  This means your gift may not be delivered on the day you have asked us to make the delivery.


Any gift containing alcohol must be signed for by an adult 21 or over.

If you have any questions regarding residential hand delivery, please contact us!

We DO NOT make residential deliveries to apartment buildings or condos. Orders placed going to these types of residential addresses will be shipped by UPS for the same cost as hand delivery.

Please check with the resident to inquire if there is a front office/sales office that is able to accept and sign for the gift and who will contact the resident to let them know a gift was delivered. If a gift is to be left at a front office and our courier is told that the property cannot accept the gift, additional costs will be involved to ship the gift to the resident once it is returned to us by the courier. We will not be held responsible if the front office who accepted the gift does not call the resident or if the gift is misplaced and the resident does not receive it.