Cannabis (Weed) Themed Gifts

Cannabis (Weed) Themed Gift Baskets | Las Vegas Hotel Hand Delivery

No matter how you relate with your fellow stoners... 
We have several weed gifts for you to surprise them with.
Our very creative gifts will give you a special place in the heart of whomever you send to.
If it happens that most of the important people in your life smoke weed, you'll want to buy them a special weed gift just for them. 
Distinct Impressions has several marijuana-themed gifts that can be presented to any weed lover who comes to 
Las Vegas from all around the globe to light up and party down.
A great gift doesn't necessarily have to break the bank in order to be appreciated, but it should be creative and include all the right things.

Please Note: All though Marijuana is legal in Las Vegas for adults 21+ 
Gifts WILL NOT include actual Marijuana or any Marijuana Edibles!

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