About Drop Shipped Gifts

You may have never heard the term "Drop Shipped Gifts" And may not even realize that there are Gift Basket Companies out there that ONLY sell "Drop Shipped Gifts" on their websites. In other words...they do NOT make the gifts themselves, they rely on Drop Shippers to make and ship the gifts they sell.

What is Drop Shippers?

Fulfillment Companies that operate strictly from a warehouse. They have a team of workers on an assembly line making "Cookie Cutter" gift baskets, one after the other. The gifts are then wrapped and placed in a shipping carton and stored on shelves in their warehouse. The company allows other gift basket companies as well as big-box stores to place their warehouse made gifts on a website to sell to the general public.  The "Drop Shipper" provides stunning photographs of the designs to other gift basket companies in order to make a sell. When a customer orders one of these types of gifts from a website, the companies send that order to a "Drop Shipper" who pulls the box from their warehouse shelves, puts a shipping label on the box that holds a gift basket that may have been sitting on the shelves for weeks, possibly even months and sends it off to the gift recipient. 

What are the benefits of a gift basket company using a Drop Ship Company?

The benefit is that the gift basket company (middle-man) who utilizes a "Drop Shipper" doesn't have to buy or store any inventory, they don't require employees and in some cases are not even in the United States. None of the labor is done by them.  This also means the gift basket company has NO control over the types of items being used in the gift designs, expiration dates of the products used, the basket or container that is used and there is NO personalized service other than your gift card message to the gift recipient.  In other words.....products cannot be substituted and ribbon/bow colors cannot be customized. Basically, it's a get what you see type of gift or as we like to call them, Cookie-Cutter Gifts!

What is the downside of ordering a gift that comes from a Drop Shipper?
There are many downsides to ordering a gift basket that isn't made directly from the company you order from. The most important downside to gifts that are made by Drop Shippers is that the gifts have been sitting in a shipping carton on a shelf for so long that the freshness of the products may be compromised. Secondly, the cellophane or shrink-wrap will become creased and crumpled up and the bow becomes smashed.  The overall appearance of the gift is just not the same either, It will arrive looking commercially made and not have the same look and feel of a gift that was made with love, care, and attention to details. 

9 times out of 10 the contents shown in the stunning photos will NOT be the same as what the gift recipient receives. Check out gift basket product reviews on Amazon.com, Target.com, Walmart.com as well as Yelp, etc.
Sure, we all have the right to substitute a box of cookies with another type of cookie at an equal or greater value...however, the drop shipper may just eliminate the box of cookies altogether OR replace the cookies with something entirely different such as a bag of chips.  The enhancement items (flowers, Ivy, butterflies, etc.) will never be added to the gifts, these items are for photo staging and design ONLY.  Unfortunately, the gift basket companies who utilize drop shippers do not have any control over the gifts that come from another company.


What other downsides are there to ordering from a company that utilizes Drop Shippers?
There may be a problem in transit. When dealing with the "Middle Man" if there is a problem with shipping, delivery or product and/or design issues the company you reach out to must then reach out to the company who actually made and shipped the gift (the DROP SHIPPER). Sometimes this can take days or weeks to settle before any problem is resolved. 


Another downside is, the Drop Ship company has allowed 100's of other gift basket companies to list and sell THEIR gifts. Including big box stores such as Sam's Club, Costco, World Market, etc... It makes it a difficult task for the buyer to find the perfect gift when they keep seeing the same gifts over and over on many different websites. The gift basket companies who only offer Drop Shipped Gifts will never be able to offer anything special, custom or personalized. Your only choice for a gift is to choose from a list of cookie-cutter gifts that have NO personality and will never arrive looking like the picture. Of course, the Drop Shipper doesn't care as 98% of the time the buyer never sees the gift and the Drop Shipper knows this.


What are the benefits of ordering from a company that DOES NOT utilize Drop Shippers?

Here at Best Las Vegas Gifts, we will NEVER utilize Drop Shipping companies for our gifts.  The gifts you find here on this website have all been handmade by us in our local Las Vegas, Nevada facility. Each gift we make is made with love and attention to detail at the time your order is placed. NOTHING we sell has been sitting on a shelf in a box waiting for an order. We have strict quality control so none of the products we offer are expired or out of date.


If we picture a gift with items you know the gift recipient won't enjoy all you have to do is let us know and we can replace it with something else or if you know the gift recipient would like a product that isn't shown in the photo NO PROBLEM... Why? Because...

  • We DO carry all the inventory

  • We DO pay employees

  • We DO put forth the labor

  • We DO offer personalized, custom options on all our handmade gifts.

  • We DO have the ability to make adjustments and substitutions in order to make YOUR gift personalized and special.

AND if there is ever any problem with the gift or delivery, your issue will be dealt with BY US in a timely fashion. 

So the next time you find yourself needing a special gift for a special person take a close look at the gifts you are finding available. Ask yourself, have you seen the same gift on another website? ... if you can answer yes to that question, then you have stumbled on to a gift basket website that offers "Drop Shipped Gifts" 

Neither you nor the gift recipient will ever be disappointed with any gift we offer ~ GUARANTEED!  

This article was written by the owner of Distinct Impressions/Best Las Vegas Gifts and cannot be copied or distributed without written consent to do so.